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I offer website building services for small businesses in Central Oregon. No hidden fees, no add-ons you don’t need or want, just a good basic product for a great price.

I know you’re busy running your business, you don’t have time to hassle with internet “stuff”, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. First, some basic information about what it takes to get a website up and running.

A website address is the first order of business. Domain Name System hosting services are paid a yearly fee to keep your website address in your name and linked to your website. Because the internet is global, website names aren’t like business names where you can have BurgerBaby in Prineville, and another one in Philadelphia. Only one person gets to use, and the other business has to get creative. If your business name isn’t available, we’ll help you find a solution that will be easy for customers to remember.

You will pay about $20 a year for Domain Name System hosting. and its Content

Next we’ll need a Web Hosting Service. This is the place that your website content lives, where anyone in the world can access it any time they type in your website address. Web Hosting costs depend on how much content we put on your website and if you want special services like online ordering. Prices for Web Hosting Services can start at Free and go up to hundreds of dollars a month.

We can create a site with some small outside advertising that won’t incur any monthly hosting fees. For a site with up to 20 pages of content with no outside advertising you will pay about $55 a year.

Creating Content

Now that we have a domain and a place to host it, we’ll create content (pages). Most small businesses need the basics; who, what, where and when. We want to tell your customers enough about you that they’re excited to come visit, know where you are, and when you’re open. I’ll do this by talking to you, taking notes, shooting photos, and using any other content you’d like to include (awards, personal photos or other media). Your current logo will be incorporated into the site design, or I’ll design one for you if you wish (for an additional fee). Links to other sites like Facebook or Twitter can be added. Once we compile the information I’ll create a site that you can approve before it goes “live” on the internet.

Cost for this actual website design starts at $125 for up to 5 pages of basic content. Pricing for 10+ pages including custom art, story lines and multiple photos starts at $225.

Bottom Line

»  A basic site with some custom content and possible outside advertising will cost you $150 up-front and about $20 a year.

»  A Preferred site (no outside advertising) will include custom graphics, photo pages, more detailed text and will cost you $300 up front, then about $100 a year thereafter.

»  A site that requires more custom content, photography, and more than 10 pages will start with the flat $300 Preferred Rate, with additional content creation charged at $15 an hour.


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